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THEME STORY: ESG: The Opportunities to Create Sustainable Future
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rTag NFC

Eastech Systems Limited

Seeing that businesses today are highly competitive, the comfort and productivity of a workplace is the key to success. rTag, the IoT device of ISL, brings a brand-new office experience to the employees and enables them to complete their tasks more efficiently through its various functions.

The latest NFC functionality of rTag provides verification and authentication of the staff ID card using smart phones. Users simply need to put their phones close to the sensor to perform quick verification without the hassle and inconvenience caused by traditional staff ID cards. As rTag is a device linked to ReportNOW, this NFC function can be used for access in different places such as restricting who can enter and exit and allowing employees to clock in and out at work. With these smart functions, employees only need a mobile phone and the ReportNOW app to perform most of the functions required for going to work.

rTag is ideal for modern office automation. In order to continuously improve the customer experience and satisfaction, we firmly believe that continuous research and development as well as the launch of more innovative products and solutions is the only way to satisfy our customers. Whether in terms of energy saving or environmental protection, improvement of productivity and efficiency, etc., we will keep on providing the best quality solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands.

We believe that the new functions of rTag will make our customer’s office automation more convenient and efficient while helping them in achieving the goal of environmental protection and energy saving. We will continue to strive to introduce more innovative and high-quality products and solutions to fulfil our customers’ needs.