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THEME STORY: ESG: The Opportunities to Create Sustainable Future
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rTag Lighting Control


In the modern workplace, there is an increasing demand for office automation. Nowadays, IoT devices have become an essential part of office automation. The latest upgrade of rTag, the IoT device of ISL, has further enhanced the efficiency and convenience of office automation.

With the implementation of ReportNOW’s Room Reservation feature, rTag takes user experience to the next level. The new function helps to control the lighting system in an automatic manner. After a user has reserved a meeting room on ReportNOW, rTag will activate the lighting system of the conference room 5 minutes before the meeting time accordingly and turn off the lights when the meeting ends. Not only does it save energy, but it also avoids energy waste when users forget to turn off the lights.

Alongside with the progress of technology and environmental protection concept, the data integration system that excels in ReportNOW can also be applied to the ESG management. Take the scenario above as an example, we can compare the electricity consumption with the consumption before the introduction of the rTag system. With the various functions of ReportNOW, users can easily create a detailed form for the ESG report.

The new feature of rTag is practical but not limited to lighting control, it can also be applied to the management of the electrical equipment in different places, such as exhaust fans and unlocking doors, etc. What’s more, it helps to illustrate the ESG index trend of the user with substantial data in order to promote energy conservation and emission reduction as well as achieving a green and sustainable office.