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THEME STORY: From Blue-Collar Software to Digital Transformation

From Blue-Collar Software to Digital Transformation

In the contemporary digital era, regardless of company sizes and industries, enterprises have strived to keep up with the technological advancement and its application in different pillars of business operation. The digital transformation occurs from backend processes to frontend activities. Designed for the deskless workforce including frontline and field workers who are mostly responsible for physical tasks, blue-collar software and solution improves their productivity and efficiency, particularly, enhancing their connection to the company and their communication with different departments.

Shortening the Distance between Frontend and Backend through Mobile Devices

With blue-collar software which is designed for mobile devices, frontline workers can complete their tasks such as regular maintenance and reporting with just their mobile phones or tablets. Throughout the entire work process, frontline workers are no longer required to return to the office after inspection. Thanks to its easy-to-use-ness, the additional training for both frontline and backend staff is minimal. The capacity of blue-collar software enables frontline workers to save and upload files in different formats such as photos, audios, videos and texts. These data will be uploaded and stored in the database where relevant staff can access the information with ease.

This “smart working” model strengthens the instant communication between frontend and backend staff. Through the real-time dashboard with key metrics, blue-collar software helps management to recognize and respond to issues and problems more promptly. It also provides an effective way for managing the frontline staff and their work performance. As an environmentally friendly solution, the digital transformation platform on the other hand facilitates the streamlining of frontend processes. That is, frontline or backend staff no longer need to copy the paper form into web form before uploading them to the companies’ data system.

Fostering the Digitalization of Frontline Workforce through Five Application Modules

The unlimited potential of blue-collar software illuminates its application in a wide array of areas such as inspection, job order, patrol checkpoint, warehouse management as well as property management, with the ultimate goal of digital transformation of frontline workforce. Enterprises can customize their inspection forms and reports based upon the individual needs of their business. They can simply attach manuals, photos and guidelines to the inspection report that assist the frontline workers to conduct the inspection and complete the reports effortlessly. On the other hand, job orders with photo attachment and e-signature functions can be generated so that frontline workers can review and modify existing jobs on their mobile devices. All the information and progress can also be exported as reports for management to get a grasp of the business in real time. The blue-collar software provides frontline workers not only a clear checkpoint list to avoid missing checkpoint, but also a handy platform to report issues during inspection; in turn, decision makers are able to address the problems timely.

In terms of the warehouse management module, blue-collar software can automatically export analysis reports with different formats to create and print out personalized receipts. Through mobile devices as well as the centralized database supported by the blue-collar software, staff can check the current inventory status and any other history records, serving as important reference for decision-making in response to the actual business operation. Last but not least, frontline staff can use portable devices to record and capture events in real time anywhere. Different types of data such as GPS, photos, audios and videos can all be obtained. It is also worth noting that some blue-collar softwares support offline mode in which data can still be operated and recorded offline and will be uploaded to the database once there is network. The offline mode comprehensively supports the frontline workers and their different needs and situations.

As a no-code platform that drives digital transformation, ReportNOW offers solutions which can be applied in different stages and business areas including digitalization of frontline workforce. With its drag-and-drop feature, ReportNOW can be utilized as a blue-collar software that improves the communication between frontline and backend staff, thereby boosting the efficiency of the frontline workers. It also fosters “smart management” of these frontline workers and offers management real-time information and data to develop their business, paving the way for digital transformation.