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THEME STORY: From Blue-Collar Software to Digital Transformation
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Eastech Systems Limited

Eastech Systems Limited

Company Background

Founded over 30 years ago, Eastech has been established as one of the leading IT solutions and services providers in the IT industry. In recent years, Eastech is committed to offering the trusted, professional and agile technologies to its clients with focus on two major service areas, that is, technical services and consultancy services. As an authorized service provider for numerous renowned companies such as Microsoft, HP and Lenovo, Eastech provides clients with user-friendly solutions to manage on-site support and maintenance as well as customer service, while Eastech Consulting also supports enterprises’ journey to digital transformation from server and cloud migration to other technological solutions. To improve the call log system for customer services and frontline support, Eastech has partnered with ISL and adopted ReportNOW.

Swift Response to Customers’ Needs for Better Satisfaction

Before introducing ReportNOW, one of the biggest pain points for Eastech was that most of the call logging systems that are available on the market provide no flexibility for customization and modification of reports. That is to say, when there is a need to adjust the workflow or report format, a long period of development is required even for minor changes. Given that Eastech provides services for a sheer volume of enterprises which have different workflows, SOPs and other individual requirements, Eastech resorted to hire programmers for writing codes for each company. Not to mention the time for communication, the entire development cycle was undoubtedly time-consuming and costly. As the data was not standardized in the database, it would be difficult for Eastech to conduct data analysis for reporting.

In the search for suitable solutions to overcome the problems, Eastech had a specific requirement that the solution has to adopt the SaaS model. It is because the SaaS model is catered for cloud platforms; in turn, there is no extra requirement and work for the infrastructure. In evaluating many different platforms and systems, Eastech’ major consideration lies in the learning cost and time. What Eastech was looking for is a solution that is easy-to-learn, user-friendly and self-maintained so that the staff can easily adjust the reports, forms and workflows without seeking help from the vendor. In this respect, ReportNOW is the most cost-effective digital transformation solution with the optimal total cost of ownership (TCO).

With ReportNOW, Eastech is empowered to establish a framework for the call flow which is sustainable and self-maintained. As a no-code platform that supports customization by simple drag and drop feature, Eastech no longer needs to hire additional engineers for changes of the report formats or workflow. A structural and standardized database also helps develop the data dictionary and definition, enabling easier and faster extraction of data for further analysis. As such, ReportNOW has been widely used by Eastech for its customers including a large retail group with over 1000 branches in Hong Kong. Aligned with Eastech’ core value of “agile,” ReportNOW offers a high degree of flexibility that assists Eastech in responding to the clients swiftly for their needs of service workflows, updates of milestones, escalation plans and regular reports in standardized format, thereby improving the customers’ satisfaction.

Bridging the Gap between Frontline and Backend for Better Efficiency

ReportNOW has been incorporated into Eastech’ call flow management and call logging system, from receiving service calls for call centers, dispatching field engineers to the sites, to producing reports for the clients. The web version of ReportNOW is used for both backend staff from the call center and the frontline engineers who are allocated with android tablets and networks to access ReportNOW through a browser. As ReportNOW supports its use on mobile devices, it fosters the communication between the field engineers and agents from the call center in a way that service orders and reports can be produced in real time, facilitating the instant exchange of information between the frontline and backend staff.

It is also worth noting that the database enabled by ReportNOW allows its integration with other data analysis applications and softwares so that Eastech can use the platforms to compile interactive reports for customers to meet their individual needs. In the process, ReportNOW plays an essential role in collecting, inputting and outputting data. It simply transforms any mobile device into a data-collecting device for the field service team to upload the most updated information to the company database. Without additional investment in hardware development, ReportNOW and its high capacity effectively optimizes the operation efficiency in a way that Eastech can handle quadruple of calls since introducing ReportNOW. Together with ISL and ReportNOW, Eastech empowers businesses of all sizes on their journey of digital transformation.