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THEME STORY: Hong Kong Re-industrialization. Opportunity?
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Dunwell Engineering Company Limited (DECL)

Case study

"Employees do not need to have a special technological background to use ReportNOW to create or revise forms and reports."

Leo Wong, Project Deputy Director of DECL

Dunwell Engineering Company Limited (DECL) is a local environmental technology enterprise dedicated to providing professional and high-quality solutions and services on wastewater treatment and environmental engineering related consultations. Dunwell provides comprehensive and professional one-stop service to its clients, including consultation, detailed design, installation, testing and commissioning, operation, and maintenance of facilities. At present, Dunwell has served 160 sites in Hong Kong. Dunwell sends engineers to check each site three to four times a month to record the data and information.

ReportNOW provides an easy-to-use and convenient tool for Dunwell, intelligentize all reporting processes while systematically documenting large inspection reports. Stored in an online database for easy review. The frontline staff only has to tick the boxes in the pre-designed report form, it takes only about 3 minutes to complete, which significantly improves the efficiency. In addition, Dunwell has set a specific logic and predefined description for the report form, which minimizes errors and significantly saves the extra time from consolidating and synthesizing reports as a result. Moreover, the accuracy and tidiness of the inspection reports also enables Dunwell to conduct data analysis. Besides, once received the standard training offered by ISL, all the staff of Dunwell can use the function called r-Designer to design and revise the report format to meet Dunwell’s changing needs, even though they might lack relevant technical knowledge of IT system before.

With the good business development of Dunwell, particularly its current plan to expand the overseas markets to Japan and Australia, ReportNOW has become an indispensable helper in order to streamline its operation, so it helps Dunwell save more time and cost.