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THEME STORY: Hong Kong Re-industrialization. Opportunity?

Message from CEO

Due to the epidemic, many different industries are hardly hit and the IT industry is no exception. In order to survive or even stand out in this difficult time, one needs to think out of the box.

When looking back, ISL initially focused on developing the ERP software in the startup stage. In the course of time, we realize that innovation and technological development is bound to become more and more diversified. In view of this, we take a bold step in dismantling the traditional business software into a ground breaking Enterprise Mobility Management system, ReportNOW, so as to cater the needs for the ever-changing market. With the coming of the 5G era, mobile devices have long since become the most indispensable tools in our daily life. In addition to the recent changes in the epidemic, the business operation of the enterprises has to be very dynamic. ReportNOW turns out to be the fully developed business technology product that best serves a wide variety of industries during such times. To date, ISL still strongly adheres to its belief in being innovative. That being so, we keep adding new functions to ReportNOW to further streamline the business process of our existing customers.

Over the past 35 years of ups and downs, the reason why ISL still persists to this day is because of the support from our customers and business partners. In the years to come, we will strive to stay ahead in incorporating the latest technology into our products. We will unveil the future for you as soon as we can!