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THEME STORY: Hong Kong Re-industrialization. Opportunity?
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IoT Build for ReportNOW                             

As an I.T. solutions provider that keeps pace with the times, in addition to constantly developing and updating our application software ReportNOW, ISL has formally integrated the "Internet of Things" (IoT) into our development. Simply put, IoT is to connect the physical carriers using network. More importantly, those carriers are able to transmit data on their own and perform big data integration. With that, our daily life will become more digitalized, just as a smart car can communicate with a smartphone. When a problem is found in the car, notication will be sent to the smart phone immediately.

Recently, we have developed and launched an intelligent hardware called rTag which connects and automatically transfers data to the ReportNOW system. An rTag device can record attendance status, weather, humidity, temperature, and other data. It can also assist users in facility management, access registration, data query and quality inspection, etc. After the above data and results are transmitted to the ReportNOW system, the corresponding reports can be integrated and analyzed so as to help users improve and enhance related business performance.

The design of the rTag device is also very thoughtful. Not only because it is waterproof, but it can also be inserted with battery when the power is low. It is also equipped with the rTag global server to monitor its operating status and provides a sleeping-mode for infrequent users. To become a leading-player in the sector of I.T. solutions provider, ISL sincerely believes that we must understand the market trends and lead the way to bring more possibilities to the users. So, the launching of rTag represents that we and our customers are taking a big step toward the future.

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