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THEME STORY: Hong Kong Re-industrialization. Opportunity?

Case study

“We have got one more effective way to connect with existing customers and it is even more direct and interactive than before.”

Ms Kina Chan – Director of Celebrate Food


Even though Celebrate Food has been using Facebook and Whatsapp to communicate with their customers, they want to provide extra means for direct interaction with the customers. In view of this, Celebrate Food needs an attractive and exclusive app for the customers to stay tuned with the latest information of the store anytime and anywhere in order to boost the business turnover.

Company Background

Celebrate Food is a food retail store that commits to source the finest food from different countries and allows customers to enjoy it with wholesale price. Celebrate Food’s main products are oysters and chilled meat, etc. Customers of Celebrate Food are mainly teenagers, middle-class and people who love Western and Japanese delicacy. The average consumption of each transaction costs over several hundred Hong Kong dollars.


  • Lack of interactions in traditional promotion method
  • Customers cannot obtain the latest information of Celebrate Food
  • Lack of clear information for customers as to how to place order
Low cost with high efficiency
Provides new way for online promotion

The main reason for Celebrate Food to get a mobile application is due to the massive popularity of smart phones in Hong Kong. They believe that it will be one of the major promotion channels and hope to have an exclusive app as soon as possible. For this reason, Celebrate Food subscribed to Conzoomer on a monthly basis with low cost and high efficiency.

Celebrate Food has been active on the online platforms. They have carried out lots of promotions and gained quite a lot of customers through the online promotion. Therefore, they hope to find more effective ways to retain customers and broaden the customer base. The stamps collection function in the app provides much help and attracts many customers to re-visit and recommend to relatives and friends. Celebrate Food’s promotion receives enormous feedback.

Customers are interested in collecting stamps
Leading to an increase in turnovers

Celebrate Food pointed out that the previous promotions on Facebook were not interactive enough. However, after using Conzoomer, customers could access the app whenever they were free and gain the latest information of the company anytime and anywhere. Customers found it very convenient too. Also, many customers chose to re-visit because of the stamps collecting function. What was even more surprising to Celebrate Food was that the number of re-visited customers was higher than expected. After visiting the store, some customers recommended their friends and families to install the app, shop in the store, and start collecting stamps. These led to a broader customer base and an increase in the turnovers of Celebrate Food. Celebrate Food is now planning to make use of more functions in Conzoomer, like the order function in the app, so as to provide a more convenient and comprehensive sales service to customers.

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