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Why monthly subscription based apps are so popular?

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Nowadays, mobile device has become everyone’s necessity and we are all very much used to browsing information on our mobiles or tablets. In the light of this, businesses of different sizes, be they the small-scale shops, chain stores, designer brands or shopping malls, try to grasp the opportunity and follow the trend by developing an app of their own in order to penetrate into the market, increase market share and maximize the brand awareness. A successful app can provide comprehensive information and services to the customers at any time, as well as providing various functions in order to maintain close relationship with the customers, hence more sales opportunities will be created.

Monthly subscription based mobile apps have been a hot topic in town for quite some time now. The reason why is because there may be a lack of choice in the market. However, what makes these types of apps outstanding? What separates them from the other apps available? Here are the reasons why subscription based apps are so popular among businesses and customers.

Let’s take SME as an example. If an SME plans to have an app with all basic features, it is believed that the initial investment amount probably costs about tens of thousands HK dollars and it takes about 6-9 months to finish. Yet, the most important concerns would be whether the app developing company is reliable, whether the tailor made app matches with its expectation, or whether there will be any functional problems when it is in operation. At the end, there is the chance that the app may need to be rewritten. All these lead to a lot of unknowns.

Instead, monthly subscription based app requires relatively less investment in terms of money and time as the interface and design are all ready. What the SME needs to do is to provide information and photos for building its exclusive app which is done in a simple and straightforward manner.

Since the advancement of technology is rapid, some SMEs may not be able to afford to hire IT staffs. Monthly subscription based app vendor will be able to play this crucial role for them. The update and maintenance of software systems will be handled by professionals with no additional manpower and hardware cost. Moreover, the vendor will manage and monitor the system 7/24 for the clients, and they can be care-free when using the app.

There have been well-designed monthly subscription based apps in the market. Let’s take Conzoomer of Tera Age as an example which provides sophisticated features such as table reservation, online order, video sharing, voting and social media integration, etc. Apart from selecting the above features according to your needs, you can also add pages like hot items, latest promotion, branch address, featured dishes, product description, company introduction and contact information, etc., according to the characteristics of the company. Conzoomer displays well illustrated contents that your customers are interested in.

Furthermore, although the implementation of privacy regulations earlier has brought a lot of restrictions to direct marketing, with the “Push Notification” function, which allows you to broadcast customized messages to the mobile devices, you are able to do promotion without being affected by these regulations. Conzoomer lets you kill two birds with one stone in the sense that it helps turning the indirect marketing tactic into a direct one while it solves the problem of collecting and arranging customer data for the company.

Customer Relations Management is another main function for this type on monthly subscription based app. Once the end users have downloaded the app, they can receive the latest promotion of the company immediately. For instance, travel agency can launch discount air-tickets for its members via the app; the members of the retail companies are rewarded with presents or special service after downloading the app; customers get reward points and collect stamps from the restaurants to enjoy the “Jetso” (special offer). Other than discounts, companies can introduce some games for voting or expressing opinion so as to increase interaction with the customers.

The reasons mentioned above have explained why monthly subscription based apps have gained massive popularity. Seeing their high usage and effectiveness, wouldn’t you be convinced that they are suitable for your business?

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