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A Mobile Interactive Reporting Solution

ReportNOW is a mobile data interchange platform for all organizations. As long as you have a mobile device on hand, you can stay connected with your business anytime anywhere. In addition, receiving information is unlimited that allows users to upload instant data to the database over the Internet. Through ReportNOW, either smart phone or tablet can easily link up with company’s existing database system and generate reports with real-time information or capture immediate data from mobile device.

Main Features

Getting close to company information at all times
Wherever you are in meetings, coffee shop, golf course, during commute or at any other occasions, management can use their mobile devices to read company’s real-time generated business reports. Therefore, they can always gain in-depth insights and up-to-date information to support every decision they make.

Uploading instant information anytime anywhere
r-FORM is built right into ReportNOW. It transforms your smart phone or tablet that becomes a data-collecting device for the field service team to upload the up-to-date information to company database anywhere. While improving the work efficiency and more effectively, it also eliminates the redundancy of data entry.

Reporting your works with multi-media
If the field service team only uses text-based information to report their works, it typically causes lots of confusion and misinterpretation as information is always incomplete. r-FORM empowers the field service crew to leverage the multi-media facilities from the mobile device to capture photo, sound and location as well as to instantly upload to the business database. As a result, the management can receive the full picture of all instances by analyzing the fruitful information.

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