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THEME STORY: ESG: The Opportunities to Create Sustainable Future
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rTag: Door Access Control


Are you tired of fumbling for keys or carrying around access cards? It is time to leave behind the hassles of traditional door access control methods and embrace a more convenient and secure option: using your smartphone as the key. Introducing rTag, the cutting-edge IoT solution of ISL that revolutionizes the way you access doors.

With rTag, no more searching for keys or digging through pockets. Simply bring your smartphone and approach the door that functions with rTag, the door unlocks. With your smartphone as the key, no matter you are CEO or staffs, you will never have to worry about carrying or forgetting the key cards.

rTag offers multiple ways to access doors, providing ultimate flexibility. Apart from the auto-detection we talked about, alternatively you can use the NFC feature, jjust by tapping your phone on the designated spot. Also, we provide QR code unlock method, face your unique QR code and put it in front of the sensor, the door will unlock automatically.

Do not stop at convenience and versatility, rTag seamlessly integrates with existing systems in your company, thanks to ReportNOW, our digital transformation application platform. ReportNOW acts as a bridge between the rTag system and your existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming system replacements.