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THEME STORY: The Inevitable Adevnt of E-payment
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Baobab Tree Event (BTE)

Baobab Tree Event

Company Background

Founded in 2011, Baobab Tree Event (BTE) is a full-service event management company based in Hong Kong with offices in Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai. With extensive experiences in event management, BTE holds the vision of "creating success and value for clients by connecting local expertise with regional insight through focus, dedication, energy, passion and professionalism.” As one of the leading companies in managing large-scale exhibitions and events in Hong Kong, BTE's business covers five major areas, namely special events, conferences and seminars, exhibitions, marketing and pu blic relations, as well as exhibition booth sales, with the mission to provide professional and all-rounded solutions and services to its clients.

In the wake of Omicron outbreak, Hong Kong saw a large demand for rapid testing kits. In this respect, BTE has become one of the suppliers of rapid testing kits in Hong Kong. In establishing the online order system, BTE adopted ReportNOW as its tool to customise an e-form which has effectively streamlined the entire sales process.

Establish an Online Order System in Only Two Days

Considering the accelerating demand for rapid testing kits in the society, BTE had to establish and launch the online order system within the shortest timeline. As such, BTE chose to adopt ISL's ReportNOW to develop a customised e-order form to ensure the smoothness and convenience of the whole sales process. The first step to develop such e-form was to delineate the required data and information, that is, the content of the e-form such as the types of rapid testing kits, the number of purchases, customer information and contact, methods of payment and delivery, etc. In the meantime, the enquiry function was added to the system so that BTE can easily take follow-up actions for the orders and enquiries in the future. Before the official launch of the online order system, BTE also conducted a trial run with customers and made finalised revisions.

It is worth noting that the entire online order system from des ign to implementation costed only two working days. As a “no-code” platform, staff are not required to take extensive IT training for developing the e-form. Instead, they can simply drag and drop to customise the forms and reports for their needs. The simplicity and flexibility help digitalise and streamline the sales process, thereby saving not only 90% of the time cost for customisation of forms but also the development cost especially the human cost of hiring IT professionals.

Establish an Online Order System in Only Two Days

With ReportNOW, BTE can create a customised dashboard to produce reports of different formats (e.g. PDF, Excel, etc.) to meet their actual needs and situations. On the dashboard, BTE can handle customers' enquiries and orders like updating the payment status and delivery details. The customised dashboard also helps generate various reports and illustrations for the company to acquire the most updated information of the business. For example, the dashboard provides BTE with a chart of “Total Purchase for Last Seven days” and a graph which compares the ordered quantity and outstanding quantity. Moreover, the purchase report can be generated in the Excel format same as the report format of the e-order form, offering a convenient tool for BTE to conduct data consolidation and analysis.

Through these reports and illustrations, BTE can always gain the up-to-date insights of the sales of its rapid testing kits, and thus make timely marketing strategies and decisions concerning the supply. As a well-developed platform for business management, ReportNOW allows BTE to update and enhance the online order system by themselves in order to keep up with the business development and the latest needs. The feature of creating “Picking List with Report for Packing Items” in PDF form, for instance, was added after the official launch of the online order form. This kind of flexibility enables BTE to further enrich and develop a more nuanced and informative report system, with the ultimate goal of improving the entire business process.

In conclusion, ReportNOW provides a simple-to-customise e-form for BTE to support its expanded business as a supplier of rapid testing kits. The user-friendly interface and detailed report formats provided by ReportNOW streamline both the frontend and backend operation of the business and satisfy various business needs. ReportNOW facilitates BTE to implement “Smart” management when launching the rapid testing kits. It saves not just the technical expenses but also the time cost, in turn, improving the overall business efficiency.