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THEME STORY: The Inevitable Adevnt of E-payment
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Dunwell Engineering Company Limited (DECL)

Case study

"ReportNOW rTag provides highly stable and flexible sensor, helping us manage and monitor wasterwater treatment."

Leo Wong, Project Deputy Director of DECL

Following the previous issue of the sharing area, DECL has shared how they used ReportNOW to customise e-forms and reports, such that the field staff can complete their inspection report through mobile devices.

Recently, DECL has introduced rTag, an IoT software innovated by ISL. Before the introduction of rTag, a SMS alarm system was installed at each site to monitor the operation and status of the equipment. The Hong Kong government has, however, gradually phased out the use of SMS system. Plus, the company which supported the web-based platform for such system was closed down a few years ago, resulting in the stagnation in system support and upgrade. As a result, DECL decided to collabrate with ISL and introduce rTag to substitue the orginial SMS system. With its support of 4G network communication, rTag functions as a bridge for receiving data and information. Whenever there are irregularities of the sewage treatment plant, signals will be sent through rTag and its 4G modem to the customer server, after which the back office staff can get a grasp of the immediate operational status of the equipment so as to identify and address the underlying issues and problems.

Compared to similar products available in the market, rTag has a built-in sensor expansion interface which helps to improve the stability and flexibility of the sensor. In practical application, rTag is highly versatile. DECL can adopt systems of 32-bit and beyond as needed. Such versatility brings much convenience for DECL to utilize the system for its specific objectives. Moreover, the application of rTag and ReportNOW as an integrated solution package provides thorough support to DECL, thereby significantly enhancing its overall operation effciency. As the business develops, DECL has to expand its analytical capacity and thus introduce more different systems to meet its changing operational needs.

ReportNOW can function as an effective platform that consolidates different systems and platforms, rendering the interchange of data and information across databases easier. With the 4G network support, rTag also has a wider coverage area than other similar products. As an integrated solution, ReportNOW helps DECL in merging the data between two data platforms with a view to improving the overall efficiency in maintenance of its equipment.