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THEME STORY: Hong Kong Re-industrialization. Opportunity?
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ISL has been serving the customers in different industries for many years and has nearly 35 years of R&D experience. At the same time, we continue to develop new features for ReportNOW to help optimize our customers' day-to-day operations. AI Vision is one of the new features being launched as our main focus in 2019. It can be used in various industries.

For instance, the new sales lead function of the Customer Relationship Management is suitable for all business. The employees of the sales & marketing department can use the AI Vision function to scan the business card obtained from the promotion or sales activity on their mobile devices which automatically identify the information on the business cards as text. It saves much work in the process of establishing a sales lead. Apart from business card, AI Vision is able to convert handwritten notes to text as well.

CRM (Create New Sales Lead) Function

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