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THEME STORY: Hong Kong Re-industrialization. Opportunity?

Case study
Kew Green Hotel Wanchai Hong Kong




Company Background

As a four star hotel in Hong Kong, Kew Green Hotel Wanchai Hong Kong (Kew Green, formerly known as New Harbour Hotel and Metropark Hotel Wanchai) has provided quality hospitality services to guests from all over the world since 1986. The hotel is situated at the heart of the cultural and entertainment district of Wan Chai, with convenient transportation and easy access to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Central Business District and the shopping area of Causeway Bay. Thanks to the convenient location and diverse hospitality services, Kew Green has developed rapidly and soon become one of the most renowned hotels in Hong Kong. In the past thirty years, for the sake of keeping pace with the continuous development as well as intense competition in the tourism industry, the hotel has renovated and remodeled in 1995, 2006 and 2016 respectively. Along with the company’ s brand development project, the hotel was renamed as Kew Green in 2016. Re-positioned as a “young and extravagant English style hotel” , Kew Green aims to meet customers’ fashionable preferences and provide them personalized stays of high quality.

To meet the marketing trend and future development plan, Kew Green wishes to improve business efficiency as a whole with the most advanced technology. As a result, electronic management, including the digitalization and automation of operational procedures in different hotel departments, has been implemented in the hotel for a few years. The digitalization of management has enhanced the efficiency of management and allowed more effective use and allocation of resources.


  • Complicated procedure in managing staff’s application for leave
  • The waste of human and material resourses resulted from the manmade mistakes in the application process
  • Hardcopy documents are stored in the storage for 7 years which lead to the waste of hotel space
  • Low transparency in approving application; time is often wasted

ReportNOW is Eco-friendly & Effective in Improving Management Efficiency

Leave application process was complicated before Kew Green adopted ReportNOW's e-leave and e-procurement systems. Real-time information about the approval process and status could not be obtained. Staff had to fill in three sets of leave application forms, which were time-consuming and paper-wasting. Staff from Human Resource Department could not benefit from automatic calculation when calculating staff's holidays that would often lead to errors. As a digital platform that supports different operation systems including iOS, Android and Windows, ReportNOW provides high flexibility for hotel staff to apply for leaves anytime, as well as to check on their annual leave status and procurement process on their own computers and phones. Digitalized management not only allows user-friendly and convenient operation, but also saves paper and time. It can also enhance the management efficiency of the hotel through the more effective allocation of human resources.

Building a Core Data Center: Realization of Digitalized and Innovative Management

Despite the availability of numerous systems in the market, it would be difficult for a hotel to integrate, manage and process the data from different departments if each department utilizes different systems. That is why Kew Green has chosen ReportNOW, a single platiorm which enables the managerial practices for various department at once. By building a Core Data Center as the basis for data management, ReportNOW allows Kew Green to access and retrieve all the reports from the same database rather than separate databases through which the central management can be effectively achieved. For Kew Green, ReportNOW provides a useful tool and system for thorough and centralized management. Given that different departments (e.g. Human Resource Department, Purchasing Department, Engineering Department, Housekeeping Department, etc.) can use the system simultaneously, it facilitates the communication between departments, leading to the more effective and efficient management as a whole. On the other hand, r-Designer, one of the functions of ReportNOW, enables the hotel to build customized forms and reports. Owing to such flexibility, Kew Green can easily design and establish various forms and reports that meet the needs of different departments for their varied tasks and operational procedures, as well as the management requirements at different levels, thereby giving rise to the digitalized management that is specifically designed for the hotel and its business development. Not only does it save the scarce human resources, but also paves a way for Kew Green’ s realization of digitalized and innovative management. Last but not least, Kew Green has mentioned that they may recommend ReportNOW to three other sister hotels, such that the hotel can benefit more from the system in terms of management and expenditure.

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