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THEME STORY: Hong Kong Re-industrialization. Opportunity?

Case study
“Integration of technology in the restaurant leads to a win-win situation.”

Mr. Toby Shea - Mint Thai House Director


Company Background

Mint Thai House is established in 2007. It is a medium-to-high end Thai restaurant located in Yuen Long. Deep Fried Stingray with Chili Sauce, Chef Special Spring Roll, and Deep Fried Oyster are some of its signature dishes. The restaurant mainly targets on the Yuen Long residents at the beginning. Although it is located in a relatively less populated area of Yuen Long, it has succeeded to establish a long-standing reputation among restaurants alike for being well-known for its originality and freshness in its dishes. What is more, the restaurant obtains some of the ingredients from its own mini farm. The high quality of the food and good ambience attracts customers not only from the district but also from all over Hong Kong.


  • Lack of interactions in traditional promotion method
  • Hard for customers to obtain the latest information about Mint Thai House
  • Ineffective in using paper stamp
  • High initial investment to develop a new mobility solution

Customised app brings mutual benefits to restaurant and customers

Since 2009, Mint Thai House has advocated the use of technology to expand its business. The director wishes to use technology as a means to build customer intimacy. It was an innovative attempt as smartphones and the related software systems were not very popular back then.

With the growth of smartphone usage and the advance of technology, mobile devices are considered to be everyone's necessities. People rely heavily on mobile devices to access information. Mint Thai House, hence, thought of using an app to promote its brand. Considering that the initial investment cost to develop a new app could be very high, Mint Thai House chose to adopt Conzoomer which is a ready-to-use, full featured app with a low monthly subscription fee as a result. With Conzoomer, Mint Thai House can easily digitise its menu. It also ultilises Conzoomer's eStamp and Push Notification functions for promotion. Mint Thai House said that these functions, on one hand, reduce its manpower to handle the customer enquiry. On the other hand, it also benefits the customers by providing the latest information of the restaurant at all time. This helps to build a closer and long-term relationship with its customers.

Data collected from eStamping helps understand customers’ preference and increase loyalty

Using eStamp is one of the most successful marketing strategies of Mint Thai House. Although the stamp collection approach has already been commonly adopted by many restaurants as their customer loyalty program, it may not be as effective as expected. With the Conzoomer App, customers can use their smartphones as a stamp card. Mint Thai House provides a wide range of redeemable treats for its customers. The customers can redeem free snacks, dishes and/or sets when they have collected the targeted number of eStamp. Mint Thai House can also make use of the data for other marketing strategies and evaluates the popularity of its dishes. The Director of Mint Thai House, Mr Toby Shea, believes that this program can help impressing the customers with its vibrant and innovative image which in turn attracts and maintains more loyal customers.

Mint Thai House and Conzoomer have been working closely together since 2009. This reflects Mint Thai House's trust on Conzoomer. Mint Thai House hopes to develop and utilise more functions in the Conzoomer App such as e-booking and the delivery function so as to further reduce the workload of staff and make it more convenient for the customers.

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