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"ReportNOW replaces manual work with noticeable improvement in efficiency and time management!"



HKT expects that the combination of ReportNOW and HKT Cloud can act as a good demonstration to SMEs so as to encourage them to enhance competitiveness through Cloud and explore more business opportunities.

Company Background

HKT is Hong Kong's famous telecommunications service provider. It meets the needs of the Hong Kong public as well as the local and international businesses by providing a wide range of services including local telephony, local data and broadband, international telecommunications, mobile, and other telecommunications businesses such as customer premises equipment sale, outsourcing, consulting, and contact centers.

Hong Kong Telecom launched a series of industry application service programs to promote the use of information and communications technology by SMEs. HKT, as a commendable service solutions provider, understands the problems faced by SMEs. Apart from providing integrated telecommunications services to SMEs, HKT also works closely with different application providers and provides SMEs with user-friendly, affordable and end to end applications service programs. They also launch tailor-made solutions for the retail, catering, trade and manufacturing, as well as professional services industries. These four industries account for more than 70% of SMEs in Hong Kong at present.

HKT hopes to digitalize the business by running applications on the Cloud system such that business can be handled in a more organized manner. It is much faster to use a flexible platform for business expansion than to manage the business manually. HKT hopes to provide professional services to other enterprises in order to keep abreast of the times of what is happening around the world.

Integration with HKT Cloud brings more benefits
HKT digitalized the sales progess by adopting ReportNOW. The platform provides a very comvinient way to bridge up and foster communication between the HKT sales agents and the solution partners. RpeortNOW enables different sales channels in the communication and management to be more automated. It can be handled by mobile devices anytime, anywhere that greatly improves the efficiency.

Various users and management can log into the sytem with different permission settings and are able to grasp real time sales data very quickly and easily. Before using ReportNOW, reports are usually updated in a week or longer. However, after using ReportNOW, the real time progress can be obtained anytime as reports are always updated. The advancement is highly visible.

When ReportNOW is used in conjunction with HKT Cloud, business can be protected by DDoS defense against malicious attacks since HKT Cloud is equipped with firewall standard in close proximity to that being used by telecommunications suppliers. The platform also uses highly efficient redundancy design, uninterrupted 7/24 network and monitoring system, that people can trust. HKT expects that the combination of ReportNOW and HKT Cloud can act as a good demonstration to SMEs so as to encourage them to enhance competitiveness through Cloud and explore more business opportunities.

We trust Tera Age to help improving the image of HKT
Tera Age is a trustworthy long-term business partner with Hong Kong Telecom. We have great confidence in the Tera Age team from our collaboration in the past. In addition, their product, ReportNOW, is practical and the design is versatile and user-friendly. It can connect different operations on the same platform which facilitates our business development. The after-sales service is significantly enhanced which produces a more advanced and professional image for HKT.

Continue to cooperate to reacha win-win situation
Tera Age and Hong Kong Telecom will continue to work closely. HKT will introduce more industry application service programs to enhance SME’s competitiveness. On the other hand, HKT aims to enhance communication with partners on this platform to reach a win-win situation. With Tera Age’s system, HKT is confident to have improvements and do better in the future.

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