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How did OrderNOW help Swipe (HK)Ltd. face their challenge?

"OrderNOW from Tera Age significantly improved our overall operational efficiency, making Swipe win the Biz.IT Excellence 2014 - IT Case Excellence                                           Program Award in year."

Timothy Cheung
General Manager - Swipe (HK) Ltd.

  1. Too much paper work to fulfill ordering processes
  2. Hard to fulfill customers’ urgent needs
  3. High chance of human error in the order taking process
  4. Unable to check up-to-date inventory status
  5. Difficult to check customers’ ordering history when outside the office
OrderNOW provides an electronic product catalog listing all producrts by cateogies. The order input form enables you to input and confirm the order instantly in front of the customer as well as checking the inventory.

Swipe (HK) Ltd. established in Hong Kong since 1971, is one of the mega household cleaning brands in market. Its business involves in marketing and distribution of household consumer products, aiming to provide good quality products as well as efficient services. Swipe owns over 3000 outlets including supermarket chains, department stores, drug stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, auto accessories shops as well as commercial institutions, ensuring that its products are reachable to the right customers.

Swipe (HK) Ltd. has a large business area and lots of point of sale. One of the biggest challenges on business operation is that there is a big chance of human error in the order taking process. Also, it is difficult to check customers’ ordering history when staff are outside the office. So, Swipe needs a solution that can improve the process and link to the existing ERP system, calling salesperson to check product information and inventory directly, just like a mobile product catalog.

Instantly transform any mortal into a super salesman

OrderNOW is an iPad app that helps sales executive to view latest product information, such as description, price, stock balance, etc. Users can create the sales order in the system and upload to the ERP system instantly. OrderNOW can support multi-level product categories and allow the salesman to search the item by keyword. Also, users can input the item order quantity of amend the unit price/discount rate in item details page, then add the item to the e-BASKET and upload to the server. Moreover, it can help users to track the order history instantly. With OrderNOW, any mortal can be transformed into a superman.

OrderNOW improves operational efficiency as a whole

After using OrderNOW, the ordering process is a lot faster than before. Operational efficiency is improved. The chance of human error as well as operation and ordering redundancy is reduced. Efficiency of ordering processes rises up to 50%. In the environment protection aspect, it reduces 30% of the cost to print product catalogue. It also improves the company image and reputation in the market. The customers’ improve the company image and reputation in the market. The customers’ response and satisfactory level has become better as well.


More information, plesase visit: www.terage.com/OrderNOW.htm