Case study
Case study

"ReportNOW is a reliable, real-time and simple reporting solution. Provide us the latest sales information of retail outlets, which greatly enhance our operation efficiency!"

- Bryan Fan, Manager
IT, HK & Macau Region Belle Worldwide Limited

Belle International, as a leading footwear and sportwear retailer, has more than 15,000 retail outlets in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. In view of business management, one of the challenges faced by Belle International is how to gain sales insight from different departments and regions for making decision in response to the market. In back office, all business data and information can be retrieved from ERP system easily. However, for the front-line retail outlets located in Hong Kong, it is very time-consuming to collect and centralize all the sales data. When the reports are handed to management, it has become a bit outdated and cannot present the current business condition. Therefore, Belle International needs a reporting solution which is able to collect real time data from retail outlets and creates the fastest, latest and most complete reports for management to access company information anytime and anywhere.

Integrated with POS system to collect real time sales data
In each retail outlet, although Belle International has set up a POS system to store the sales data, there is no linkage between them. District managers have to visit the stores to collect data. ReportNOW is compatible with different database and does not require special hardware, so it can integrate with the POS system easily to capture the most accurate sales data in real time and centralize in a repository for creating the most complete reports.

Gain in-depth sales insight anytime and anywhere
As a leading footwear and sportswear retailer, Belle International is highly concerned over the daily sales performance. Gaining sales insight by accessing reports instantly is one of the goals that Belle International aimed to achieve for improving operation efficiency. ReportNOW fits their needs perfectly, because it can be run on different platforms, like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc. Users just need a mobile device to connect to ReportNOW repository, then they can get all up-to-date sales information promptly.

Make reports more flexible to meet varied needs
Belle International has successfully established numbers of brands with different positions in market because it can use multi-angle to analyse the ever-changing market. Therefore, the reporting solution selected by Belle International must also have outstanding flexibility. ReportNOW provides an extremely user-friendly report building tool for users to easily create their own reports which can be stored on the server for viewing later. In order to suit varied needs, ReportNOW can provide reports in the PDF and Excel format for users to further modify the presentation of the report data.

ReportNOW Awarded "IT Solution Excellence"

Case study

On 22 October 2013, ReportNOW, the mobile interactive reporting solution developed by Tera Age, was elected as the winner of "IT Solution Excellence" in "PCM Biz.IT Excellence 2013". It proved that the function, innovation and practicality of ReportNOW have been appreciated by the market and the panel of judges.

After getting this award, Mr. Hilton Law, CEO of Tera Age said "I am glad that ReportNOW is recognized by the judges and our customers. ReportNOW helps users to generate real-time report and capture immediate data with their mobile device anytime, anywhere, and synchronize to desktop computer through the cloud. It is most suitable for enterprises to build their mobile workforce." ReportNOW is now able to run on iOS, Android and Windows. In this November, the Windows 8 version will be launched. "Biz.IT Excellence" has been held for 5 years. In these years, this award has become an indicator to recommend outstanding solutions for enterprises.

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