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"The cost keeps rising daily, but we can still reduce costs and reduce waste. The system has been an indispensable part for this."

- By Ms. Susanna Pan
Administration Manager of Cabalt Industrial Co. Ltd.

Cobalt Industrial Company Limited (Cobalt) is an early China-Hong Kong enterprise and it opened factories in Dongguan in early 80's. In 90's, Cobalt integrated the factory and moved to Foshan City. The number of employee developed from a dozen to over 1,500 currently. Mid-expensive headphones are exported to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) all over the world. Quality and production efficiency are always the keys to gain trust and support of customers over the years. Cobalt has been awarded many certifications, including ISO9001:2008, SA8000:2001, QC080000, ISO14001:2004 and IST/TS16949:2000 and so on.

Information Accuracy is particularly crucial to complicated production process
Cobalt stressed that "products can be ready for delivery within 30 days", but what drove them to this agility to respond to the needs of customers? Ms. Pan Shunqing, Susanna, Administration Manager of Cobalt said, "We export mainly to Europe and the United States market which are really keen on production cycle and delivery time. Therefore, production planning is very important. Material transfer, logistics, schedule, inventory, production time, are the direct factors. If these steps have to be done manually, then it may take a week time to respond to the needs of customers. I believe this is not acceptable to customers." She continued, "Material control has always been a trouble; purchasing too much or too little will also affect the company operation and we always focus on the accuracy of manual and electronic information which requires careful handling. Since the computer system can simplify these processes, we must utilize it. Since then, we have chosen e-M-POWER of Integrated Solutions Limited, which also has good quality and historical background as we do. "

System recognition is the key of implementation process
An enterprise which is awarded many certifications, symbolizes that they have put great effort in their system implementation. Some people believe that staff will be dependent after system implementation, but Ms. Pan believed that, "Yes, it takes great effort to change to use system. If anyone does not take it seriously, the project would be delayed or even failure. We set up a project team, asking them to understand the system functions and benefits bought to different departments, aiming to stimulate their interest in training." She laughed and said, "We are not dependent on the system, but utilize it. To enhance competitiveness, system recognition is the key. "

System implementation brings cost and waste reduction
"There is fierce competition outside; a little carelessness may result in losing order or the trust of customers. After implementing the system, our business process gets smoother than before. The e-M-POWER interface is very clear, such that departmental communication and cooperation become closer. The cost keeps rising daily, but we can still reduce costs and reduce waste. The system has been an indispensable part for this." Ms. Pan added.


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