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Hong Kong's success has been based on its phenomenal capacity for manufacturing high-quality textiles, timepieces, toys and electronic goods at extremely competitive prices. Although Hong Kong people are well known for their adapability, the territory has lagged behind the rest of the world when it comes to automating its factories.

An exception to this trend is the local timepiece manufacturer Artfield Manufacturing Limited which has managed to computerise its Hong Kong factory from the shop floor up.

Artfield chose e-M-POWER as their core enterprise system which is running on Windows® platform and the system comprises eleven modules - Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Document Control, General Ledger, Inventory Control, Product Engineering, Production, Production/Material Control, Purchasing, Sales, and Sales Analysis. It took only six months for Mr. K.C. Ho, Director and Operations Manger to complete the changeover phase.

How does the system help you?
The heart of our system is the Production/Material Control module. This keeps track of materials and quantities used for each production order, and tells us how much is used and wasted, and produces material plan for stock replenishing.

Any measureable benefits?
As our business grows, so has the number and variety of components that we have to carry as inventory. Monitoring the use of materials and the delivery status has enabled us to reduce our stock level by 30% since the system was introduced.

We have improved the efficiency of our operation by eliminating stock shortages, cutting material wastage, and reducing production slack time. Our staff are also more conscientious because they can now see how each job order fits into the production schedule and are therefore better equipped to deal with problems.

Why is it important for Artfield to improve management?
Rapid response is crucial in the management of production lines. Our production manager already has to juggle HK$30 million worth of stock made up of some 10,000 individual pieces. If high value components, such as clock movements imported from Germany and Japan, are not available during production, more expensive replacements have to be purchased locally or the company would risk cancellation of order from customer.

How does the system change the way you work?

Before implementing e-M-POWER ERP System, Production jobs used to be recorded manually on job cards. Assigned staff would then update the inventory records according to the information recorded on job cards and estimate the numbers of the future orders so as to decide the type/amount of raw materials to be purchased.

Using e-M-POWER, the Production/Material Control modules is able to generate job order, reserve all necessary materials and produce the Material Requirement Planning Report automatically regarding the customer order. The Material Requirement Planning report shows whether any additional material is required to fill the order. Purchase orders can also be generated automatically if needed. The user-friendly interface simplifies the system application procedures, hence speeding up the system-learning process. Users can transfer data in same format within the company. As a result, operation of the company becomes more effective and efficient.

The standard user interface makes the system user friendly and easy to learn. Users are able to exchange information in a consistent manner making the company's procedures that much smoother.

By controlling its materials, Artfield manages to reduce the stock level needed to maintain operations and eliminate the risk of not being able to deliver an order on time. It also maximises its working capital with better credit and cash management.

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