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"Foresight is needed. An ERP System is necessary for long-term development of business."

- by Mr. Siu, Ping Chiu - Chairman of Win Sun Group

Win Sun Group CaseWin Sun Group has 4 subsidiaries which are NC Punching Ltd., Hong Kong Precision Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Mould and Dies Ltd. and Win Sun Metal Products Co., Ltd.; being a leading manufacturer of high quality sheet metal stamping parts to the office appliance, telecommunication and security equipment industries and plastic injection parts.

Founded in 1982, Win Sun Group started up with only 2 employees in a small-scale workplace. Today, it has grown into one of the largest manufacturing businesses with its own 40,000 sq. meter production plant and over 1,000 employees; and all 4 subsidiaries above have chosen e-M-POWER as their core Information Management System. Nowadays, Win Sun Group's clients are distributed all over the world including NEC, Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Canon, Casio, Honeywell and etc.

Rapid Expanding     Ready for Challenges
Mr. Siu, Ping Chiu C Group Chairman of Win Sun Group said "From only 2 employees to now, we have passed through heaps of challenges. Since 1989, Win Sun Group has its production line migrated to Mainland China due to further expansion of business. Our clients do not only look for well-equipped facilities and accurate delivery schedule, but are also concerned about our recognition in the industry and the ERP System we use." said Mr. Siu "After all, we should make good use of technology in business development under this Information Technology era. At the very beginning, we had a self-developed system to cope with the daily business. However, the applications were far too simple to handle the increasing number of sales orders every day, causing misunderstanding between departments, data inaccuracy and poor management. Therefore, we believe that a professional and experienced I.T solution company is essential to lead us through the challenges, and e-M-POWER is our choice."

Implementation Process - Decisive Thinking & Staff Devotion are the Key to Success
Mr. Siu believes that investing on system is the same as investing on production machines, both are necessary for handling businesses between Hong Kong and China. The knowledge of ERP he had in mind is "Clear to know the importance of ERP System, once the decision is made, cooperation is needed, especially a strong cohesion between employees. During the implementation stage, I intentionally established a small committee to work with ISL in order to get the entire process done efficiently." A lot of people are concerned about the implementation process of ERP System, or even give up halfway through the process. But why Mr. Siu was so determinate? "Foresight is needed. An ERP System is necessary for long-term development of business. Besides, I clearly know that - Human drives technology, but not technology drives us", explained Mr. Siu.

Benefits - Reduced Production Cost Increased Flexibility
Mr. Siu stated that "Since e-M-POWER has been live-run, our business has been operating smoothly. Normally 1 week used to be spent on counting the inventory balance is now reduced to just few minutes, so order handling has become more flexible. In addition, human mistakes can be eliminated as system is now able to integrate different departments and generate accurate data for business decision making; provided that the data entered is correct. Most importantly, the overall cost is 60% reduced."

Prospect of Win Sun Group
The long-term relationship between Win Sun and ISL is built on trust. Mr. Siu said "The end-product of an I.T solution company is definitely different from what we produce. Their products are intangible. In order to have a long-term relationship with an I.T solution company, we do not only focus on how good the system is, but also the company background and on-going system maintenance service behind. With over 23 years of proven experience in information management and the recognitions of 2 Q-Marks, ISL outshines in Hong Kong and Southern China and is trustworthy and reliable to me. In future, investment on system will be significant as we believe that good management is key to produce high quality end-products, enhance employees' devotion and thus, contributing to the society. "


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