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e-M-POWER can help improve the utilization of our company resources, manufacturing efficiency, and overall operations. It is definitely contributing to the development of our company.

Pesotec Limited was established in 1984. The company is experienced in product design, manufacturing, and market development. With an excellent design engineering team, a number of innovative electronic products are offered in the consumer market, such as quartz watches, digital clocks, stop watches, and other sports ware. Most of these products are built for the U.S. and European markets. Pesotec is an Original Design Manufacturer. The mission of the company is to create high quality products for customers, at a highly competitive price.

In 1991, Pesotec adopted ISL's earlier MRP solution, MIS (Manufacturing Information System) and it was widely accepted. Near the end of last year, the company migrated to e-M-POWER so as to meet anticipated needs.

On November 1st, 2000, we were received by Pesotec's Managing Director Mr. George Yip and Deputy General Manager of Operations Mr. S.M. Lau. This interview is an account of their experience in the use of information system.

How did you choose e-M-POWER as an I.T. development blueprint for your company?
This is entirely an issue of confidence for the company. Our companies crossed path in 1991 through seminar organized by the H.K. Watch Manufacturers?Association. After a thorough understanding of the information system offered by ISL, we felt it would meet the need of the company and adopted MIS information management model. Everything went smoothly. The system definitely helped in our daily operations. Support from ISL was also satisfactory. In 1999, we wanted to move to a more upto-date platform. Instead of taking the risk in discontinuity if we were to choose another information system partner, we decided to upgrade to e-M-POWER, and continue to grow with ISL ERP system.

In selecting ERP system, what were your expectations?
Our greatest hope is to be able to integrate the processing of customer orders, purchase orders, manufacturing orders, and shipments. Especially when we have to deal with a large number of orders, having a consistent and efficient method is very important. Not only should quicker information flow be facilitated, it should also help in the growth of the company and in decision support.

Before any system was installed, what did Pesotec operate with?
What were the major difficulties. At that time, computer was not very popular. We were using applications like Peachtree accounting and Excel. For general accounting, there was not much of a problem. However, these systems did not meet the overall information needs and the objective of having centralized data. As it could not accurately and effectively process data, losses due to operational errors were common.

After e-M-POWER was implemented, how did it help you in your daily operations?
Before we moved over to e-M-POWER, we were using the UNIX version of MIS. The new system obviously was strengthened in the area of analysis. I usually use the marketing module. As for other staff, they rely on the system more broadly. Impact on operations in the areas of materials requirements and production is more significant. Since the system can help to accurately compute the quantity of materials needed, production plans can be executed more smoothly.

Can e-M-POWER fit into the development plan of your company?
I believe e-M-POWER can help improve the utilization of our company resources, manufacturing efficiency, and overall operations. It is definitely contributing to the development of our company.

Can you comment on how you look at ISL as a partner?
The cooperation between Pesotec and ISL has always been pleasant. Up to this point in time, we have not faced much problems using ISL products. In terms of system support, ISL staff are able to respond at a reasonable time frame. This is very important to us. ISL staff generally can solve our problems over the hotline. We are satisfied with the service. In choosing an information system for the company, managers usually seek to balance between expectation and reality. Not only is e-M-POWER rich in functionality, but behind the product, there is a group of professional staff who are well trained and enthusiastic to help resolve user problems. We thank the management of Pesotec for making this interview a success.

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