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A Message from the Company founder

As we enter into our fourteenth year as a manufacturing solution company, I would like to re-count the many blessings working with our customers.

Act as a Melting Pot Ricky Leung Phd.
Our product is only a tool, but with this tool we are able to work with users from various industries, and to learn from them. Production management experience is, therefore, shared as we incorporate more of these requirements into our systems. You seldom need to tell us what you need, we usually know what they are.

Grow with our Customers
When our customers are small, they want flexibilities built into the system. As they grow bigger, they look for control and better analysis from the system. We are able to grow by actively working with our customers.

Emphasize Quality
Our customers depend on us in information management. The value of our products is to provide timely and accurate reports for supporting decisions, and easy-to-use interface for streamlining all data processing functions. The value of our services focuses on making our customers successful through computerisation, business process re-engineering, and a sharing of acquired skills.

Continue to Improve
From product features, documentations, hot-line support, to implementation techniques, we not only seek to be better than our competitors, but also to be the best in the industry.

Be a Technology Leader
As a solution provider, we are extremely sensitive to the needs of our market. By working with computer and database vendors, we are kept up to date of the current technology available and we use them when appropriate. We engineer with affordability in mind and we never over-engineer.

Build Strategic Alliances
To be active in the manufacturing industry, we have to be a part of it. Through activities organised jointly with manufacturing associations and productivity centres in Hong Kong and the PRC, we take the lead promoting computerisation.

As you can see, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose if you choose ISL and its products. The HKMA Quality Award that we received in 1995 is not a paper award, for it tells you that we are committed to delivering quality product and quality service.

We look forward to a lasting working relationship with you.


Ricky Leung, Ph.D.
Managing Director
November, 1999

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