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Greater Bay Festival

From 29 June to 1 July 2019, the Hong Kong Celebrations Association conducted the “Greater Bay Festival” at Victory Park to celebrate 70th Anniversary of China’s National Day and 22nd Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to Motherland. The festival, with the theme of “Innovative Technology”, showed the latest achievements from the Hong Kong enterprises, aiming to strengthen the public awareness of the success in innovative technology, and enhance the international prestige of the industry. The festival had set up an “Innovative Technology Zone” to serve as a platform to share the latest technology and the trends of the electronic information industry in order to inspire the new generations to become more innovative while maintaining the international position in innovative technology.

ISL was honored to participate and share its latest product ReportNOW. ReportNOW is an interactive mobile data interchange solution which is suitable for all industries. It can integrate different database systems and allow enterprises to customize reports in their preferred formats. With ReportNOW, users can use any mobile devices to link-up with their business database system for the real-time data and stay connected with the latest information. Enterprises can greatly enhance the management efficiency and effectiveness by grasping the latest business udpates.

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