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Implementation is crucial in the success of computerization. The effort here involves organizing task force, system mapping, defining procedure and baseline data, data preparation, and project management. An implementation guide is used as the workbook for implementation.

Implementation methodology adopted by ISL generally consists of the following steps:

  • Initial Preparation: Contract signing, site preparation, hardware installation, software installation
  • Base-Line: Base-line information, system mapping, master file preparation
  • User-Training: Distribution modules, accounting modules, production modules, system administration module.
  • Pilot Run: Scenarios definition, conceptual training, pilot run, acceptance of flow
  • Live Run: Cutoff date, date preparation

There are three concerns involved in system implementation, namely, quality, time, and cost. Only two can be chosen. That is, low cost and quick implementation would result in poor quality.

Depending on the readiness of user organization, scope of implementation, and the system involved, to get it up and running could take between one of six months. For companies that are first time computer users, it is advisable not to set a too aggressive goal. After it is reached, then try to shoot for something higher in the second implementation.

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