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e-M-POWER is a state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package with an Intelligent Management System. It contains the features that are commonly needed in most various small to medium-sized manufacturing companies. The system is constructed using .NET Framework technology, and using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008 as the development tools. It can provide the planning elements that are essential today in achieving the cost, delivery, and quality advantages. Now available on-demand supporting the Microsoft Windows Azure platform.

e-M-POWER has been divided into 6 major sections:

and e-M-POWER is now integrable with ACCPAC.

e-M-POWER - The first character "e" has been a connotation on e-commerce. "M" is manufacturing. "POWER" represents the role of this product will play within a company, that is, information is power.

e-M-POWER ERP System

e-M-POWER ERP System

Main Features

  • Interchangeable English/Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese Language Interface
  • Multi-User, Multi-Company, Multi-Warehouse & Multi-Currency Support
  • Particular aim to Manufacturing Production Process
  • Provide Graphical Illustration of Data Flow in each Module
  • Generate Product Photo in the documentation
  • Modular Design allows companies to select the appropriate Applications to match their business needs
  • System Scope allows to enlarge or upgrade at anytime
  • Multi-Level user access Security Control
  • System Alert applies to the Operational Transaction
  • Document can be sent & received directly via the system
  • With enormous Report Center; Report can be customized for different user
  • Provide Document Approval Flow control management
  • Provide powerful Order Tracking System
  • With Lot/Serial Management
  • Having flexibilities to integrate with an advanced "Shop Floor Management Add-On"(Barcode System) & "Document Management System"(DMS)
  • Possess efficient China Custom function
  • Provide different kinds of tools to customize the system, including Screen Layout, Look-up, Module Flow & Output Reports
  • Easy to modify/develop report within the system, using Crystal Report & SQL Reporting Services as the development tools
  • Provide powerful Analysis Tools such as Advanced Query, Integrated Executive Portal (IEP), Bi-Portal & i-X-Press
e-M-POWER & RoHS The RoHS Directive represents "the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances". This Directive is placing on the EU market of electrical and electronic equipment requires each product not contain 6 restricted hazardous substances that exceed the regulations.

e-M-POWER provides a ready solution against RoHS requirements. The control processes go through Engineering cycle, Production cycle and Purchasing cycle. The system also provides Document Management for keeping enormous Lab Test Reports. Basically, all guidance of RoHS has been built-in to the system, thus the customers can control their operations easily to prevent any loss of business order, liabilities of brand image, revenue, fine and etc.

e-M-POWER ERP System

e-M-POWER ERP System

e-M-POWER ERP System

Main Objectives to Implement ISL's ERP

  • Reduce the Operation Costs
  • Reduce the Inventory Costs
  • Improve the Productivity and Service Quality
  • Shorten the Production Cycle
  • Easy to handle the Delivery Date in "Just-In-Time


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