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ACCPAC Interface

Background Compare to the scale of an ERP system, implement an accounting system is a lot easier to the manufacturers. This could be the reason why many of the manufacturing companies have already had an accounting system (e.g. ACCPAC or Kingdee) in place. General speaking, most users would like to keep using their existing accounting system due to several reasons. For example, they have got used to the current system and resist to adapt to new functions or new technology; a lot of tailor-made reports have been built which only can work with the current system; they cannot afford the downtime and effects brought by the system changeover period; or they have to comply with headquarter policy etc.

In order to minimize the data entry work and avoid human mistakes, it is better to have an export function which can generate accounting data from the ERP system to a compatible format like Excel for importing to the finance system.



For clients using ACCPAC 4.2 or above, ISL can provide a solution for them without additional customization cost. e-M-POWER has a built-in function called "ACCPAC Interface" which has been launched since version 3.0. This function can generate AR, AP and GL transactions to an Excel file which is compatible with ACCPAC import file format. That means users can use this file directly and avoid duplicated entry work after they have completed Sales Shipment or Goods Receipt transactions in e-M-POWER.

Accpac Interface

Apart from this, e-M-POWER also provides the "rollback" function and several audit trail reports for user to keep track of the export history.




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