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e-Filing System        


e-Filing System ScreenThe e-Filing System is workgroup-level filing system which converts and indexes your hardcopy documents into electronic copies for easy archival and fast retrieval. As organizations become increasingly computerized, vast amount of paper must be converted into electronic format in order to fit into the digital workflow. e-Filing System undertakes this conversion, and allows all stored information to be easily searched, retrieved and shared throughout the organization on the corporate Intranet or the Internet.

Company Benefits

Simplify Scanning
No special training is required
Functional icons are available for scanning operation
Advanced image enhancement functions eliminate repetitive scanning
Speed up Document Filing & Retrieval
Document indexing is automated by bilingual OCR
Relevant documents can be retrieved in seconds
Speed up document retrieval by more than 10 times
Easy Distribution of Information
Share information through the networked e-filing system
Email documents to others directly
Ensure Information Security
Different levels of authorization by assigning different access rights
No violation of privacy by partially hiding confidential information
Hacking or unauthorized access can be avoided
Document Preservation
Preserve documents in electronic format and prevent deterioration with time
Avoid document loss, damage or misplacement

Key Features

Easy Scanning to Filing
Flexible Image Manipulation: re-scan, rotate, re-order and delete pages at ease
Icon-Based Tools: operate scanning process with simple mouse click
Import/Export: import or export files from/to other sources
Auto Orientation: rotate scanned image into accurate orientation by form recognition technology
Security Control
Access Control: specify access rights of users or groups to create, view, edit, export, print, delete to each document type
Information Mask: cover certain part of document image that can only be viewed by specific users/groups
Document Encryption: conversion of data into a form that cannot be understood by unauthorized users
Print-Screen Control: protect information against unauthorized use by disabling "print-screen" function
Departmental Administration: ensure document confidentiality against a single administrator
Audit Trail: keep track of the document history for accountability
Advanced Image Enhancement
De-Skew: straighten images during scanning to minimize post-scan editing Click to Enlarge
Advanced Image Enhancement
Intelligent Cropping: eliminate black borders around images
Character Completion & Smoothing: repair faint or broken characters
De-Speckle: remove dot-shaded zones and stray specks from anywhere on the page
Inverse Text Correction: convert inverse text to black-on-white text
Information Sharing
Network Sharing: share documents through Intranet/Internet
CD/DVD Archive: document browsing and searching are no longer confined to users' workplace by a CD with proprietary viewer
Annotation: annotations and remarks can be made on digital copies without altering the originality
Fast Searching and Retrieval
Full Text Search: search document by any word or phrase from its text content Click to Enlarge
4-Panel Display
Field Search: search by index fields, creation date and last modified date
4-Panel Display: allow a quick view of file cabinet, document list, index and document preview simultaneously
Flexible Indexing
Full Text Indexing: text content is extracted from document images as indexes by Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and English OCR engine Click to Enlarge
Full Text Indexing
Flexible Index Card: each document is attached with an index card with up to 20 user-defined index fields
Auto Indexing: each document is indexed by an auto-generated document ID, creation date and last modified date
Barcode Indexing: extract data from barcode to automate document indexing
Form Processing
Template Recognition: automatically extract data on scanned image as field values, like invoice number, customer name...etc
Template Design: allows template design for future form recognition
Form Classification: recognize pre-defined form template and route it to corresponding document folder automatically
Form Separator: separate different documents by barcode during batch scanning


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