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Mobility Solutions

A Mobile Interactive Reporting Solution

ReportNOW is a mobile data interchange platform for all organizations. As long as you have a mobile device on hand, you can stay connected with your business anytime anywhere. In addition, users can easily upload instant data unlimitedly to the ReportNOW server over the Internet. Through ReportNOW, either smart phones or tablets can easily link up with the companys existing database system and generate reports with real-time information or capture immediate data from the mobile devices.

ReportNOW, in fact is designed for ease of use with simple installation. It is the only interactive mobile solution in the market that is compatible with different database systems and provides various formats for real-time reporting on multiple platforms (Android, iOS and Windows). Most importantly, there is no additional investment to acquire new hardware while enjoying these benefits.



App Development Platform

Conzoomer is an easy-to-use development platform for you to tailor-make your own app with interfaces and features compatible with different mobile devices. You will have an app for your business instantly by adding photos and content to Conzoomer which then helps to upload your app to the App Store or Google Play. What's even more amazing is that any changes on your app will be updated on your customers' devices automatically...


Quotation Solution

QuoteNOW 2.0 is a mobile application enabling users to create quotations with just a few taps. With its user friendly interface, you can browse the product catalogue and search for the relevant products by Items or by Category with great ease.

You can subscribe to our web-based administration site for managing the product catalogue as well as the quotations for a reasonable monthly fee. You can start creating the quotations on the fly without any set-up cost...


Sales Order Solution

OrderNOW is an application for showcasing your product catalogue, checking inventory and placing order from your device running on iOS. With the ability to integrate with the backend ERP system, you can directly submit the sales order from your portable devices. The web administration site has also made it very convenient for the users to manage their item master, item category, user access right as well as inventory balance...


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